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Apr 7, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, for the coveted anchor spot, tammy. good luck, tammy. uh, i was born lucky, tina. 'cause i was born me and not you. and i'm a blonde now, so i'm better than you. (scoffs) i don't like what you say, but i admire the way you say it. wow, it's tammy with the news! whoo! ♪ news... news. tam, slam, thank you, ma'am. next up, tina. oh, hey, tina, little tip: you're a super fast talker, so talk really slow. thanks, tammy. whoa! that's still way too fast. mr. grant, i'm here because i have a nose for news. great. now about that green jacket... i'm tina with... (whispers): tina. ...with... the... (screams) paranormal activity! (screams) oh, my god, i'm anchor! yes! yes! ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ (sings guitar riff) whoo! i am anchor! i'm staff intern? but i already had a sign-off. "good-bye, audience." well, maybe you could change it to "does anyone need juice?" does anyone need juice? hmm. maybe it'll work better when you have some juice. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a truly unlimited life needs truly unlimited data from sprint. and now, get $100 off samsung galaxy phones at sprint stores and sprint.
Apr 5, 2013 11:30pm PDT
is at the corner of clem tina. well the existing building, 2 story commercial building which will be demolished for our project is across the street from the central future subway stop which will be immediately to the east. next slide, please. do you do that or do i do that. single -- the site plan is on the other on riented with 4 street. the central subway stop will be across clem tina towards the bottom on the plan. this next slide, represents the ground floor plan of the project which shows the arrangement of uses including the hotel lobby which is in the bottom right hand corner with it's entrances off both 4th street which is to the right on the plan as well as to clem tina on the bottom side of the plan and also indicates the commercial space which wraps around the lobby and also has entrances fronting on both 4th street and clem tina. the main emphasis here is to maximize the activation of the pedestrian experience. that's been our intent with the design. the publically accessible open space shown on the left-hand corner of the plan is provided on the form of a sunny courtyard that is
Apr 4, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. and the 130 l boulton district. across 4th street across clemente tina street. i would like to focus on a number of the policy and regulatory issues. in order to proceed, the project would require determination and compliance. the coda allows the project to providing the commission meets it's findings. tour bus loading spaces and reduction of ground level. in your packet is a summary of the information. allow a tourist hotel of 220 guest rooms and to a how a restaurant and bar use within the soma yusdz and family youth district the department believes the conditional use is warranted in that there is a projected shortage of use. the uses will not be detriment to the health and environment. restaurant and bars and hotels are not for the specific types of eating establishments for the environments of youth and family. it's very typical for restaurants and bars. lastly the project requires variances from section 145 to allow hotel lobby for the ground floor frontage to allow from the frontage along clem tina street. determination of compliance. in conclusion the department supports the
Apr 1, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. tina brown is an expert on all things. editor in chief of "the daily beast" and "newsweek" and holding the annual women in the summit this week where hillary clinton will speak on friday. howard fineman is also with me, editorial director at "the huffington post" and msnbc political analyst. tina, dear. >> hello, how are you? >> you got the big get. the big get. you're good at the gets. hillary clinton -- >> we're excited she's coming. you know what, she came last year and the year before so she really is passionate about women in the world. it's terrific. >> i thought that she was going to take a breather, go off to the ranch somewhere, have a nice -- enjoy herself, get physically back in shape. rest up. get sleeping again. eating right. the whole thing we all talk about doing when we go from one job to another. it seems to me there's no respite for her. she's going right to the big speeches. she's giving yours. she's going to be visible as heck. front page of "the new york times" today said, "clinton in transition. keeps opponents and donors frozen." "hillary clinton left the state d
Apr 13, 2013 11:00am PDT
program of which tina was founder. i think more so than just being given the opportunity to express ourselves and to air grievances -- i think we also as participants in democracy demand results so the thrust of my talk tonight will be about the lack thereof. in my work as a youth media arts facilitator, i speak regularly with educators. overwhelmingly they tell me i wish my parents were more involved. we have parents who are involved in the process, active participants in our children's education and we are asking for your help, we are asking for more dedicated talented teachers, like tina, not less. our desire for that has been evidenced by our organization efforts since she was received the non reelection. it's also been reflected in our attempts to gain clarify from the administration and from the board via our campaign of email, phone messages and by our continued presence here at these board meetings. the lack of a move by the board to rescind the non reelection of tina and further more the complete lack of effort to reach out to and work with the community, the members
Apr 9, 2013 4:00pm PDT
and members of the board of supervisors. my name is tina tam, i'm a senior preservation planner for the san francisco planning department. despite the issues and concerns raised by the appellant in both the appeal letter dated february the 22nd and in the letter submitted today, the planning department still believes that the proposed project meets the requirement of c-e-q-a guidelines and will not have a significant impact to historic resources or to the public views, privacy and shadow. the proposed project is appropriately exempt from further environmental review. during discretionary review hearing on september 6, 2012, the planning commission requested additional three feet for a total of 5 feet setback from the front building wall. this condition was crafted to allow greater visibility of the corner turret of the adjacent building to the south at 601 buena vista west. while this is a condition of approval for the building permit, it was not a c-e-q-a mitigation to address for any impacts to nearby historic or visual resources. the subject building does not now nor will it after the pr
Apr 30, 2013 1:30pm PDT
to splitsville. it's finally curtains for jessica simpson's parents, joe and tina have finally made it official. they are no longer married. >> we saw this coming though. >> he insisted on half of everything because, you know, tina is the one that went off and did jessica simpson's clothing line which generates all the money. >> she has way more money than he does. gee wanted half. >> did he want half of her ladies clothing line because he wanted the clothes? >> he's more of a shoe man. >> i think originally tina was so mad she offered joe $100 million just to go away. >> just to go away. >> it looks like she finally caved. they also agreed to split the life insurance policy they took out on jessica, $4.5 million. when she dies they get to split that, if she dies before they do, right? tina gets to keep this house they had in waco, texas, about ten or so bank accounts. she gets a couple cars, a range rover sport, a porsche 997 coupe. i don't know if that means anything to the guys. joe gets half the house in sherman oaks. i guess they're going to sell it and split it. a mer day ceamercedes and
Apr 13, 2013 8:44pm PDT
places. is that the -- >> tina tam for the planning department. that's correct. the planning on 61 1 buena vista west has lost sufficient integrity to be considered historic resources under c-e-q-a. but the two adjacent buildings are historic resource although they have never been formally surveyed. >> and the two buildings on the other side -- i'm familiar with the street, with these buildings and with the neighborhood, i've known unquestionably historic beautiful homes. the question is what is the standard for changes to a building that is not a historic resource, standard for what constitutes a significant impact on adjacent historic resources? ms. tam, you made reference to this building or renovation or expansion will not cause the building to touch either of those buildings. but i'm just wondering what is the exact standard for what can be a significant environmental impact once surrounding historic resources? >> tina tam for the planning department once again. yes, the buildings will not touch the sufficient side of the buildings from the south. there is any evident that would
FOX News
Apr 18, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. nearly an hour drove. with is it tina carlisle who lives two blocks from the plant and says the blast blew her off her feet. wow, what story you have to tell. you were outside at the time. what did you feel and see? >> well, i got home from work, and i was in the house, cooking, and my neighbor had called, and asked me if i had noticed the smoke outside, and i said, no. and she said, well, there's a fire somewhere. so we went outside, and i met them, and the smoke was just galore. the flames were shooting sky high over over the trees, and the next thing we knew, the -- there was yellow smoke, and my neighbor indicated that was the fertilizer and there was going to be an explosion, and shortly there was the explosion. it knocked me to the ground. i got up, and i crawled to the house. my neighbor0s house, and got on their north wall. i was hiding under their eve of their -- under the eave of their house because of the debris was flying around, and scared to death actually. >> say the last part again? i'm sorry? >> i didn't hear him. >> tina, if you're still with me, you were describing
Apr 8, 2013 10:00am PDT
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Apr 14, 2013 1:15am EDT
to attend, introduced by the founder and creator and my friend, tina brown. when one thinks about this annual conference, it really is intended to -- and i believe has focused attention on the global challenges facing women from equal rights and education to human slavery, literacy, the power of the media and technology to affect change in women, and so much else. for that i thank tina and a great team that she has worked with in order to produce this conference and the effects it has created. it has been such an honor to work with all of you over the years, although it is hard to see from up here and out into the audience. i did see some some faces and i know that this is an occasion as well for so many friends and colleagues to come together and take stock of where we stand and what more needs to be done in advancing the great unfinished business of the 21st century, the rights and opportunities for women and girls. now this is an unfinished around the world. many women are treated at best as second-class citizens, and at worst as some kind of subhuman species. those of you who
Apr 4, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of joy, elayne boosler and editor and chief of the, tina dupuy. since we're talking about women in powerful leaderships -- >> ask a man. it is america! >> john: main by because i want to ask what the international perspective is? does the rest of the world -- your mideastern friends and family ever express any surprise that america is so behind the curb of having a female leader? >> not really because actually, iran -- in iran about 80% of the things that get done are by women. the first woman who won the nobel peace prize. so women have always taken to the streets first and have taken care of business first. 33% of the doctors are women. that's one out of every three doctors. >> john: wow. >> obviously the government's different. but in society, women have always been a step or two heat of the men. that's why i can't even talk right now. >> john: how does this feel, elayne boosler? they're ahead of us in so many ways? >> i think the reason we don't have anything like that, the history of other countries is that america is such a much younger country. we're still -- we hav
Apr 23, 2013 7:00pm PDT
students. i'm here today speaking on behalf of tina. i want to express as an parents i've known those individuals for many years from kindergarten through the whole school. my children have had 4.0. they were academically my daughter was promoted into lowell high school. i feel those teachers have given integrity and they have united the school of african-american, hispanic, and those two individuals imparted to my daughter extreme principle morales and i give my hundred percent support to those individuals they are outstanding. and the school board please take a close process that it goes through it it would find somehow so a teacher who gives so much of hers in difficult significance and then being fate out without being any process please bring them back >> can you tell me your name sir? >> i'm william. thank you very much. >> hello, i'm a uc student. i have given my time to do my part to secure the long term future with the hope of future generations including my own son about benefit someday. the culture is very important in my thesis research there was a lady who described he
Apr 13, 2013 9:30pm EDT
about women's rights in the united states and around the world. first is tina brown, the editor and chief of the daily beast and newsweek introduces secretary clinton. this is 35 minutes. [applause] >> welcome everybody to the women of the world summit. [applause] we have an incredible night last night with meryl streep and angelina jolie, and those amazing women from pakistan. today we will bring you some extraordinary women telling extraordinary stories. of course, the most extraordinary of all is standing right next to me. [applause] before she lets you hear her amazing words today, i want you to conjure up an image. this image of a solitary woman in a house in rangoon. throughout her long years under house arrest in burma, separated from her husband and her two young boys, the heroic dissidents aung san suu kyi was sustained by poster she put up on her wall. was a poster from the 1995 united nations first world conference on women in beijing. it was signed by the woman whose words at that conference served to motivate millions of others. you know those words first uttered by
Apr 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. tina chung. cynthia cruz. ernestine weiss. cathy lip scum. mitchell [speaker not understood]. judy golden. ryan thayer. patty lee. lorenzo [speaker not understood]. i apologize if i don't read your name correctly. and alan begham. go ahead. >>> [speaking through interpreter] good afternoon, my name is [speaker not understood] and i represent community association. our 1,000 members [speaker not understood] mono lingual elderly tenants. we are very concerned about the current legislation because [speaker not understood] those units will be taken out of rent control housing stock. this will open the flood gate and incentivize speculators and tenants because of properties increased value. a lot of the affected tenants are all low-income and they won't be able to afford other places once they get evicted. i have also experienced the eviction process before and i do not wish for anyone to go through that stress. our biggest concern is speculators being motivated to get into the tic market. as we clear out the waiting list we are worried more speculator are going to jump in and get in th
Mar 31, 2013 7:00pm PDT
me what you see. tina: it's a cliff. my turn! that's a cliff, all right. tina, you nailed it! no, it's a cliff that overlooks the nude beach. and if we figure out how to get up there, we could sell tours-- nudity tours-- to teenage boys. it's like the internet, but outside. yes! hey, whoa, god! we're not even at the nude beach yet, you. guess my boobs didn't get the memo. ha! linda: it's like we're in paris. i love it. i know. c'est la vie. let's go! whoo! keep hacking! come on, guys, we're gonna be the lewis and clark of nudism! i'll be the sacajawea. of sacks! this is fun! (gasps) you already took your bottoms off! whoa, whoa! what kind of shape is that? i don't know, it started out to be a triangle, but then i had to do it myself, and then, i don't know... it's like a flower or something. whoa. check out the hot guys in the drum circle. hi. hey, that looks like... oh, my god! bobby, you're not gonna believe this. he was at the nude beach! wait, who was there? hugo! yeah, he was trying to shut the place down. no, he's one of them now. one of what? a nudist! nudie! he was playing in
Apr 1, 2013 10:00am PDT
, tina brown. >>> plus let the good times roll, the 135th easter egg roll at the white house. as the president and first family throw a party for more than 35,000 children of all ages on the south lawn. it is wonderful to see all of you, welcome, you guys brought the great weather. >> today we want you to have a great time. we want you to run around, we want you to go over and see the white house gardens. >> but hoops time with the basketball editor in chief doesn't go so well. reports are he was only 2 for 22. >> and thankfully, on the mend -- an encouraging sign as louisville guard, kevin ware comes through surgery successfully. and the team hopes can even join them in his hometown of atlanta next weekend as the cardinals play in the final four. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. is there or isn't there? all signs point to a senate deal on immigration reform. but marco rubio says not so fast. joining me for our daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and managing editor of well, chris, marco rubio puts out his statement moments befo
Apr 11, 2013 3:00am PDT
association. and tina wilson-cohen and dr. cedric alexander from dekalb county, georgia, the police chief an colin goddard a survivor of the virginia tech shootings who was shot four times in that massacre. now we bring you part one of our exclusive round table discussion with the vice president starting with the issue being voted today in congress. background checks. >> first, i want to you ask about what has happened. joe manchin and pat toomey, a republican, a conservative republican from pennsylvania, heck, that is almost northern delaware for you. >> it is. by the way, i'm familiar. wthat. >> you know for pat toomey, this is a jump among republicans. but explain, if you will, what it would mean if we had universal background checks and the type of bill that they are talking about? >> look. i can tell it you what it means where there are universal background checks in state and the chief could tell you as well and that is that violent crime is reduced with guns. 34% fewer women are being shot by their husband or boyfriend with a gun. i mean, these things are real. it does have a real
Apr 8, 2013 5:00pm PDT
tails of joy elayne boosler. and tina dupuy, a syndicated columnist at and the comedian and writer molly knefel. i want to have three complex women to talk about this very complex woman. what are your thoughts on margaret thatcher. >> when we roomed together-- [ laughing ] >> she was such a messy thing and she kept eating myogutter. i had to write my name on the grapefruit. >> john: you taught her about the hair spray and the pearl legacy which darling tina has carried through this evening the pearls as well, and you know it's amazing people are having parties in england over her death which is kind of rude no matter how you slice it. i'm fascinated that reagan was just lauded as a whole here as the savior in everything and to me she's just the flip side of him for the most part. >> john: that's really interesting because you know, tina when ronald reagan died in america there were a lot of people who despised him. but when margaret thatcher died today we got to see how there were people in the u.k. who hate her. i've never seen americans have this much joy over someone'
Apr 8, 2013 3:00am PDT
senator from new york kirsten gillibrand will be with us and lawrence o'donnell and cass sunstein and tina brown. >> we have a lot of republicans in that lineup so we can ask them. >> it's a happy spring forecast today. d.c. could be up there near 75 to do. i mean, it's going to be the warmest day by far up and down the east coast. all the way up into areas of new york city who could hit 70 for the first time this year. the east is warm and quiet today. all of the problems the next three or four days in the midwest. a little rain heading to chicago for your morning commute and a raining in minneapolis and duluth and snow north of duluth if you can believe that. the forecast today, three days in a row with severe storms and typical of the springtime but haven't had much yet. with we are going to get tornadoes a few in rural areas of western kansas along the colorado border and strong storms possible for southern kansas. if we see a minioutbreak it will be tuesday night so pay attention. make sure you keep us in the back of your mind. kansas city all the way down to oklahoma city, tulsa, f
Apr 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
is the brainchild of tina brown, the editor of the daily beast and "newsweek". joining me with tina are shomchaudhy, managing editor of the indian "newsweek"ly, and zainab salbi founder of the women international. i'm pleased to have them here at this table to talk about this important conference and to have tina here to tell me what the vision is, and exactly what she opens-- hopes to see it be this year. hi. >> thank you, charlie. we're thrilled this year. we have an extraordinary women. some of the themes i feel strongly this year are could we be at a tipping point for women because we have seen a year of tremendous ferrme. the ha en my stors in the headlines which have created great outcry. >> especially brutality. >> brutality. you're thinking about, i'm thinking about things like mull allah, the savage rape in india, these stories have really, really brought people out on to the streets. i think it's a combination of social media, a combination of just a climax in a sense of women beginning to kind of become more and more empowered globally. and the question is, is this now going to start to
Apr 2, 2013 6:00am PDT
: charlie pierce on the big show tina dupuy, and ej graff of "the advocate," all -- >> he made a noise. >> stephanie: he is in extra squeezesy face. jim, who said gays might not win because they have already win? that was the oxymoron moment at the supreme court. you could almost hear them thinking they have "glee," ellen, tammy baldwin what are they whining about. who said that? >> [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: no mori dowd. jim who said when the suit against prop 8 was filed in 2009 opponents argued it was too soon and a court decision could cause a backlash now opponents say things are going so well for gays that they don't need help from the supreme court. gays may be winning but there's only so much more progress they make politically. >> [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: no [ inaudible ]. but you are getting closer. it's like an easter egg hunt. closer. who said 31 states have enacted same-sex marriage those struck by cupid in places like alabama arkansas and utah will either be moving or saying i'm madly in love with you, but let's leave it to the state. >> maureen str
Apr 24, 2013 3:00am PDT
. he joins us later. tom brokaw will be here along with "the daily beast" tina brown and later emmy award winning tv legend alan alda will join us on the set are. >>> up next, letters containing poison risen even to president obama and turns out the elvis impersonator didn't do it. >> he says he doesn't eat rice. he said i i don't even eat rice! he did! >> he said he was framed by a karate instructor in tupelo, mississippi. >> by the way, i think this guy ran against the karate instructor from tupelo, mississippi a mother for judge! >> this is where fiction is dying! >> this is what happened! >> who is on the screen play now? >> bottom line, this guy, he didn't eat rice! and they are coming in and say he is sprinkling -- >> he said rice to see you. >> i'm trying to think of a transition to bill karins and i can't think of one! >> you know what? here is one. >> i got it. >> i got it. >> first, let's go to a guy who doesn't imitate elvis. he imdates a meteorologist who actually claims to know what is going to happen today in the weather! was that pretty good, bill? >> it wasn't your b
Apr 20, 2013 4:44am PDT
'm tina, the next one. >> okay. why don't we -- it's your turn now. sorry about that. >>> no problem. my name is tina chung, community organizer and spareable chinatown cdc. i urge the board of supervisors to adopt a more balanced solution to the current legislation. a proposed council hundreds of tenants, some assessed most vulnerable and low-income. and most often are not, they have to live in san francisco as a necessity. access to transit, medical care for those that are mono lingual, and social services. p of many of my clients aren't against helping property owners who are stressed. this legislation without any amendments will have the unintended consequences of encouraging future real estate speculators from buying properties subsequently evicting or buying out tenants and selling them as tic units to owners with encouragement of other bypassers on the horizon. i've seen many tenants evicted or bought out. bought out means little because they're unable to find another place to live in the city. so, picture this. i have, for instance, aiee. a mother and former tenant evicted recent
Apr 8, 2013 11:00pm PDT
of britain without died today, age 87. joining us henry kissinger, harry evans, tina brown amanda foreman and martin amos. >> her record will always be up for debate. but what i think will be conceded, and she has already won, is the fact that she was a tectonic change in the way women are perceived in society. >> also we remember roger ebert and his contribution to film criticism with "new york times" critic a.o. scott, dana stevens of slate and film director werner herzog. >> i was called by him once a good soldier of cinema. and gave it right back and i said roger, the real good soldier of cinema, that's actually you. you are proceeding, you are holding out, an outpost that many others have abandonedment are you ti doing the tellent discourse about cinema. you are inspiring us. you are the soldier. and now you are disabled. you are the afflicted one, you are the wounded soldier. you cannot speak any more and what an outrage. >> rose: remembering thatcher and ebert when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following:. >> additional funding provided by these funde
Apr 9, 2013 12:00am PDT
of state who could only be with us a few minutes, harold evans of the london times and sunday times, tina brown of "newsweek" and the daily beast, martin amos british novelist. i am pleased to have all of them here to talk about the late margaret thatcher. let me go to harry evans, you from editor of the london times and sunday times during margaret thatcher times. >> i first met her before she was anything. henry is referred to as minister of education. i met her when she was nothing. >> she was just becoming member of parliament, 1959. she was a hat and a voice. and she was a pip squeak. nobody knew anything about her. she was regarded with a certain amount of contempt by the tough aristocrats in the tory party because she came from trade. her father was a grocer, not an aristocrat. what impressed me on that first meeting. we were sitting around that table like this, i was a big head. i thought i was editor of the times. i was going to lead this discussion with "the financial times" all around. head of big company. head of a big company. she took over completely. she attacked them all o
Apr 2, 2013 4:30am PDT
tina, milpitas and parts of san jose. >>> christina, how does it look? it feels like a monday we it is tuesday. >> we noticed you weren't here yesterday. we welcome you back as well as jon kelley. he decided to take all week off. we are still feeling that. 47 in livermore to start the day. 52 in san jose and 51 in gilroy. you know what, it is that time. a lot of people have the kids at home. spring break continues. in fact, some people just started that spring break as of yesterday. so what i can tell you is, getting outdoors today and tomorrow, looking really good otherwise. we have those showers in the forecast. a lot of rain headed our way. 47 degrees to start in livermore. chilly enough for a coat. you can leave the umbrella at home, nonetheless. you might be using your windshield wipers. we have the stick, drizzle and fog setting up. santa rosa dropping off to a half mile visibility. they had ten miles when we started the show. to show you how quickly fog develops, very quick-forming. you can see mostly fog dwri conditions over the greater bay area. travel cautiously today.
Apr 10, 2013 11:00pm PDT
stereo typical and she has a part port that one law tina blogger says is inappropriate because of the immigration issues in the united states. mattel responded saying she is one of 100 all with regional animals and passports. >>> and a colony of beavers has been found in downtown san jose, something that hasn't been seen in a century. it is animals have settled along the guadalupe river. david louie has a closer look. >> over the past two weeks, cameras with night vision lenses captured a mother and two yearlings as they feed along the river in the dark. you can also tell the mother is expecting. may is the typical month forgiving birth. >> they have chosen this spot. >> greg kirkus catches sound of the beefs -- beavers chatting with each other. the trunk was a sign they settled here. >> this is tremendously sig president cay. tremendously sig president cay. significant. >> that was a hundred years ago. >> the guadalupe river is used to teachers and school children about nature. ducks and geese get along with humans and the hope is so will the beavers. >> we are hoping that we
Apr 11, 2013 1:05am PDT
that one law tina blogger says is inappropriate because of the immigration issues in the united states. mattel responded saying she is one of 100 all with regional animals and passports. >>> and a colony of beavers has been found in downtown san jose, something that hasn't been seen in a century. it is animals have settled along the guadalupe river. david louie has a closer look. >> over the past two weeks, cameras with night vision lenses captured a mother and two yearlings as they feed along the river in the dark. you can also tell the mother is expecting. may is the typical month forgiving birth. >> they have chosen this spot. >> greg kirkus catches sound of the beefs -- beavers chatting with each other. the trunk was a sign they settled here. >> this is tremendously sig president cay. tremendously sig president cay. significant. >> that was a hundred years ago. >> the guadalupe river is used to teachers and school children about nature. ducks and geese get along with humans and the hope is so will the beavers. >> we are hoping that we can co-exist and we can use them to illustrate
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